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Welcome to The Fire Academy of Kentucky

The Fire Academy of Kentucky is being developed as the primary facility for Kentucky fire departments to send their new recruits for initial Basic 2 certification as required for full-time career firefighters.

Since 2012 our facility in Greenville has been operated as the National Responder Preparedness Center and has assisted hundreds of firefighters in achieving certifications that may not be offered often throughout the state. It has hosted numerous events including the Southern Engine Academy for the US Forest Service and multiple IFSAC programs.

The formal rebranding to The Fire Academy of Kentucky comes just over two months after graduating our pilot Recruit Academy. The 26 students completed 13 weeks of grueling physical, classroom, and skills training and most left the Academy with multiple IFSAC certifications. All have returned to their communities fully prepared to protect their citizens.

The Fire Academy of Kentucky will continue to expand throughout its nearly 60-acre facility over the next decade. A 10-year master plan has been developed and is being executed as planned. The new administration building is well under way and under roof. This 16,000 square foot facility will be completed in mid-December 2023 and house current staff and equipment, preparing us to expand the number of available recruits beginning in 2024. A 5-story training/burn tower is in the works with a hopeful bid process or request for proposal in the very near future.

The full and part-time staff of The Fire Academy of Kentucky are working hard on preparations for the start of Recruit Class 002. The class begins February 13, 2023 and graduates on May 12, 2023.

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