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Recruit Academy

The Recruit Academy is a residential program in which newly hired firefighters remain on the campus of The Fire Academy of Kentucky for 13 weeks with all meals and lodging provided. During this time Recruits are put through daily physical exercise, live-fire training, hands-on evolutions in multiple disciplines, and numerous classroom topics. Recruits will gain nearly 400 hours of training from highly knowledgeable and certified State Fire Rescue Training instructors employed by the Kentucky Fire Commission. Pending successful testing, Recruits will earn IFSAC Certifications in Firefighter I, Firefighter II, HazMat Awareness, HazMat Operations, and Driver Operator Pumper/Mobile Water Supply, along with the Kentucky Basic 2 Certification which makes career firefighters eligible to receive State Incentive Pay. The goal of Recruit Academy is to produce certified and "street ready" firefighters from a quality program that maintains the same high standards and expectations with each class.
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